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May’s Motherly Love with Jewelry from Your Bijoux Box

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Last month, I talked to you about an exciting subscription box I received called Your Bijoux Box. As a busy mom rarely pampering myself, I was extremely thrilled to receive such a beautiful box of jewelry that made me feel so sophisticated and important. I could see this subscription box being something that I would treat myself to every month, but also that I would purchase as a gift for my loved ones. I’m thinking about creating another jewelry holder just for all of the lovely things that I’ve collected from Your Bijoux Box.

your bijoux box

This month, there was an extra-special Mother’s Day treat of a phenomenal blue Watercolour Scarf in Your Bijoux Box. I am such a scarf lover, I have special hangers for all of my scarves! This scarf is absolutely stunning and I liked it best with white and light khaki colors. My short, white strapless dress is such a nice but casual dress and the blue Watercolour Scarf adds a cool pizzazz that meshes perfectly with the breezy shore weather here!

your bijoux box

The Pave’ Convertible Necklace is so cool! I love the idea of a multi-tasking necklace. It’s three necklaces wrapped as one but you can wear them individually as well! The Pave’ Pyramid Studs match the Pave’ Convertible Necklace as a sweet little set! I think that is a great set for just about any color and I can see it being casual individually or dressy altogether. I thought this Pave’ set stood out most with my dark purple and green shirts because I think the dark colors contrasting really let the sparkle show!

your bijoux box

your bijoux box

Last, but most certainly not least, I am completely enamored with this last piece. It is so stunning and elegant, I feel like a Princess when I wear it and let me tell you, I look for absolutely any reason to wear and show it off! The Meridian Silver Pendant goes perfectly with any of my whites, blues, and beiges and those are great colors for me so my wardrobe is chock full! It’s just such a unique piece of beauty. I love the way the bottom jewels look like little bird’s eggs and the shade of blue is just so soft and calming! Each jewel accentuates the next and makes it the most stunning piece I’ve seen yet. I actually gasped when I opened this Your Bijoux Box!


your bijoux box

Once again, Your Bijoux Box delivers a box of sparkly surprises that are totally worth it! What a way to make this momma feel special and appreciated!



You can purchase a monthly subscription to Your Bijoux Box for $35 at


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  1. Wow! Super pretty! I love the outfit you put with it as well. I love vintage jewelry and this is just up my ally 🙂

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