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Merry and Bright with The Last Your Bijoux Box of the Year!

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Throughout the year, I received several lovely boxes from Your Bijoux Box. I can’t possibly choose one favorite box of 2015 but I do have my picks for pieces of jewelry! The Raise the Bar earrings from November are simple and have been the perfect accent to all of my casual and formal outfits of every color. October’s delicate chain loop earrings have a unique design and the purple is stunning, it really stands out. The Meridian Silver Pendant from May is gorgeous with such a nice combination of jewels and the prettiest shades of blue. In April, my first Your Bijoux Box contained the Elyse Emerald Collar which looked so unexpectedly awesome with my pink blouses that I fell madly in love with it.

December’s jewelry went quite well with all of the holiday celebrations and gatherings through to the end of the year!

your bijoux box

The Juliette Statement Necklace contains these charcoal crystals which look fabulous in contrast with the white and are neutral enough that you can really wear them with any color. I would love them with a dark velvety blue dress for a New Year’s shindig or with a red or green fancy Christmas blouse.

your bijoux box

Long and sparkly is the Chloe Crystal Lariat necklace, which I planned to wear with my long red and white Christmas dress before the weather here reached crazy highs and it was too hot to wear! Ha! My daughters remarked that this necklace seemed very “Princessy” and that they would love to wear it to one of the school dances.

your bijoux box

My favorite for this box has to be the Emerald Baguettes, which are small and still stand out beautifully! The rectangular-shaped green emerald jewels are complimented with the tiniest little round cubic zirconia accent at the top. I wore these with a simple and casual red shirt to our Christmas Eve dinner and I imagine that I’ll wear them a lot! They’re pretty difficult to photograph on my ears with my face in the picture at the same time though!

your bijoux box



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