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The Noobie Box and The Next Noobie Box for Mommies Review + FREE GIFT!

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You’re expecting a baby and there are a million things to do in preparation. There are so many things to learn and products to try, with no idea which ones your baby will love or hate. One of my favorite things about pregnancy were the new things to try out. A subscription box of mommy-to-be goodies would have been right up my alley! Knowing that my sister could use that same pick-me-up as she enters her eighth month of pregnancy with her very first baby, I shared with her the Noobie Box!

Noobie Box

The Noobie Box is a free one-time subscription box of products and coupons for the expecting mom. It can be delivered to New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Her Noobie Box contained a bottle, pacifier clip, healthy drink for mom, breastmilk bags, herbal tea, lip balm, several samples of skin products, and SO many coupons! I feel like just opening up the Noobie Box, you get a sense of what to expect with new motherhood. You’ll be surrounded by bottles and little baby gear, your energy may be mostly maintained with healthy drinks, and keeping up with coupons is a great way to start saving money for college. The Noobie Box is pretty exciting, especially for a first time new mommy!

Noobie Box

For myself, I received the Next Noobie Box and oh boy, the Noobie Box was just a taste of the awesome they do! The Next Noobie Box was full of things that I actually started to use instantly, like the dental wipes for your baby’s gums. I didn’t even know this was a thing, I thought that was the coolest and my baby seemed to enjoy it since she’s always wanting to chew on wipes anyway!

Noobie Box

The Coco-Mat is wonderful after a long day of mommying. You put it underneath of your pillow, it smells absolutely amazing! This is such a great aromatherapy tool, it’s so calming.

My baby has tons of toys but I can honestly say that the toy included with our box has become her absolute favorite because it’s easy to hold and chew on. I bring it everywhere! I’ve used the pacifier clip to attach the toy to her clothes when we go out.

noobie box

The Lilly’s Love pacifier clip and little shoe socks are so adorable. The Healthy Mama Herbal Tea and Happy Baby baby food are both going to be gobbled up soon! All of the skin are products will be of use not just to the baby but to my other kids too, they’re really good quality items especially for sensitive skin.

Noobie Box

I think it’s really clear that the experienced team behind the Noobie Box and the Next Noobie Box know what they’re doing. They know what you can expect on your parenting journey and they equip you with some of the best tools. These boxes are fun, helpful, and totally worth it! I would recommend them either to treat yourself or even to give as a gift at a baby shower!


Residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut can get a Noobie Box completely free with free shipping using the code CRUNCHYMOM! Or use that code to get free shipping with your $18 Next Noobie Box!

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*The Crunchy Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for her honest review.

19 thoughts on “The Noobie Box and The Next Noobie Box for Mommies Review + FREE GIFT!

  1. This is totally awesome and now I want to get one for my sister in law. My niece is two months old, but all of these things could still be of use.

  2. What a cool box. I sure wish they sent it to NC!! I really like to try new samples of items before using them. I’m having a granddaughter in about a week and want to try everything for her.

  3. This is an amazing box so many nice things.Love the toy it looks like a great teether.The socks are really cute.

  4. What great ideas–both boxes look really great! I wish I’d had these when I had my kids. I think the price is really good too.

  5. Those socks are so cute. I also like the Cocomat. The Boogie Box would make a neat gift for new moms.

  6. I just love subscription boxes. It’s like getting a Christmas present each month! Those little socks are so adorable too!

  7. I think this is such a wonderful box to receive for any new mom, I love that they have items for mom and the baby . Every mom deserves this noobie box.

  8. This is such a wonderful idea! I wish it expanded beyond those three states. Here in Arizona, I’d love to give my wife something like this!

  9. What a great box!! I’d love to win this for my expecting daughter-in-law. I’m sure she’d love it

  10. Yes, I think this is a good thing for new moms to receive. I also like that you can use the products for your other kids too 🙂

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