Emerging from the Cocoon… The Quirky Mom Next Door!

Last month I announced that we would be changing our name from The Crunchy Mom Next Door to something a little more inclusive and me. Because I’d grown so attached to my “mom next door” title, I wanted to find an adjective that better described me personally. People always tell me that I’m “good weird” and I cop to it, that is exactly who I am. I’m a total oddball, not afraid to be who I am and marching to the beat of my own drum, clumsily tripping over things as I go. I make people laugh and sometimes I’m a little awkward but it makes for funny stories. I’m quirky. That’s so me.


After much frustration and confusion, our change is official. I had a very long week and was feeling bold, so I began the most important part of the transition. Just as I was screaming that I broke everything and my site was caput, I realized that it was my night to volunteer at the church nursery. Thankfully when I returned, things made more sense and some fellow bloggers helped me calm down and find my way! Ah, community (and family, because my husband helped too). I’m grateful.

Everything should work properly now. Old links from thecrunchymomnextdoor should all be redirecting to thequirkymomnextdoor so don’t panic if you’ve shared our crafts, recipes, or goodies to your Pinterest page! If you encounter any issues, please comment below or drop us an e-mail.

I hope that this name change will allow us to expand the content that we bring to you, to make everyone feel more included in our blog. Thanks for reading and staying with us!

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