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Love Milk & Honey Breastfeeding Subscription Box + GIVEAWAY! Ends 7/25

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There are subscription boxes for everything these days. Your dog can get one packed with toys, you can get one with different flavors of jerky or candy, you can get an entire subscription box full of underwear. Those seem like fun treats for your life! When I first heard about this breastfeeding subscription box, I didn’t think “oh, fun”, I thought “oh, necessary”. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard of this sooner. Especially as a first time mom, breastfeeding is really tough to start out. You need a lot of support, patience, advice, and not a lot of sleep.

With my oldest daughter, I had just about none of that and our journey wasn’t successful. I supplemented too soon, I didn’t trust my body, and I had a lot of outside pressure to move to formula. Don’t get me wrong, a fed baby is a happy baby, but Mommy wanted to breastfeed and didn’t really know how to make it come to fruition. I thought it was just something that would happen on its own.

love milk & honey

Love Milk & Honey is a subscription box intended to help with everything on this nursing journey. As I opened the Boobie Box, the first thing I saw was a handwritten card. Already it felt like, “Okay, somebody out there cares!” The very next thing I noticed was the article enclosed. Inside Love Milk & Honey was this sheet of paper with someone’s personal breastfeeding story. I felt connected to her, reminded that someone else is out there who’s lived through the late nights and the rough latches. That kind of support is absolutely essential to breastfeeding, knowing that you’re not alone. There was also an entire booklet, The CDC Guide to Strategies to Support Breastfeeding Mothers and Babies.

love milk & honey

The coloring book, complete with marker set, is just the right thing to occupy those long nursing sessions. It’s calming to color, which is why adult coloring books are such a thing right now. It will keep you relaxed and help you get through the rough patches. My little miss is a bit older and has hit that stage where she does nursing acrobatics, which includes trying to rip my coloring book away from me…but when she falls asleep while nursing, it’s a nice way to just BE.

love milk & honey

Grandma’s Oatmeal Cookies because why should the baby be the only one snacking?! The cookies were delicious and relatively healthy, right? I’m pretty sure oatmeal cookies are the healthiest cookies that taste good but I’m basing that off of my taste buds mostly.

love milk & honey

Gatorage G2 powder is filled with electrolytes and I’ve heard that Gatorade is supposed to be really great for milk supply. It’s lower in calories than a regular Gatorade drink. Pour into water and enjoy!

The glass mason jar included is adorable and maybe it’s just me, but it’s hard to drink anything that doesn’t have a straw right now.  Relax, kick back, and enjoy the beverage of your choosing in your new mason jar!

You’ve also got a Quaker Oats Chewy granola bar, another great snack to keep your energy up and give you something to do while the little one eats. I love Chewy, I miss the old commercials where the kids would repeat all of the personal stuff about their parents and then ate the Chewy bars to be quiet. Does anyone remember what I’m talking about? It was so cute!

Perfect for moisturizing the baby’s dry skin, Still Not a Hippie Baby Balm. I won’t use the over-the-counter stuff on me or my baby. All of those chemicals just seemed to make things worse so I love this handmade, natural remedy!

The blue raspberry all-natural lip balm smells simply amazing. It feels nice on your lips and you can smell it for hours. Nom nom. Because it’s natural, it’s not going to give you flaky lips the next day like many regular brands do for me.

100% Pure Coconut Oil…useful for just about everything! You can use it for skin care, for a nice and smooth texture. It’s the best natural moisturizer! This makes it good for hair care also, it gives a lovely shine without making your hair oily or affecting the natural oils in your hair. Coconut oil can be used for cooking also, I’m told that it is quite healthy! That’s the only thing I haven’t used it for yet.

One of my favorite things in the box is the coupon for Mother Glass, which is glass jewelry made with your breast milk in it. I don’t currently own a pump but as soon as I do, I plan on getting some Mother Glass. This is my last baby and this precious nourishment for my baby will be gone and never seen again. It’s such a meaningful thing to me. I would love a piece of it forever and the jewelry is gorgeous.

love milk & honey

Another thing I really like about Love Milk & Honey is the itemized list on the inside of the box. If you’re like me, you’re curious about the value of everything sitting in front of you. They list each item in your box and what it costs, so you can see exactly what kind of deal you’re getting. Although, I don’t think you can really put a price on the love and care that radiates from this box.

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One (1) winner will receive a personalized box from Love Milk & Honey!
Open to US only. Ends 7/25.

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37 thoughts on “Love Milk & Honey Breastfeeding Subscription Box + GIVEAWAY! Ends 7/25

  1. I love this and I know my expecting daughter would love it. She had a hard time in the hospital learning how to breastfeed her first one so I am hoping this one will want to latch on more than the first. Love the treats for mom!!

  2. Love this idea! When breastfeeding I feel like I’m constantly searching for good snacks, drinks, & activities! Nice to have them all come to you together

  3. I came across this box via Instagram. I am a first time mom who exclusively pumps (eping). It’s a labor of love and these boxes look like great monthly encouragement. I decided to do eping b/c I was going back to work ASAP, but I could still give her breast milk. Ive had challenges ex. a bad occurence of vertigo, 2 weeks post partum that made walking and feeling balanced hard, but I hope to do it as long as I can.


  4. What appeals most to me is the story of another breastfeeding mom. Being a stay at home mom, I feel very isolated often. Reading about another mom in my situation would help me find some solidarity and solace in another like-minded person, doing what’s best for her baby.

  5. I love how personalized the items are. The items lean towards all natural and support other businesses who ultimately all support breastfeeding mom’s. This idea is trendy yet innovative and simply PERFECT!

  6. What appeals to me most about Love Milk & Honey is how it is made with love for breastfeeding moms. I find that sweet and would have really loved such a well thought out and helpful gift when I had my babies! 🙂

  7. This appeals to me because of the snacks and cute cup. I am super hungry when I am pregnant and nursing and that cookie looked amazing. And I am more likely to drink if I have a cute cup handy.

  8. I absolutely love the variety in this box. I like that they include information on each product. It shows that the company really cares what goes into their box and stands by the products!

  9. This box is amazing! I love that the creator hand wrote a note to put in the box, that shows how much she cares f R her customers.

  10. Money us tight for us right now but as soon as we’re a little better this us the first thing on my list!!! This is my third child and at almost 8mos we are still going strong. But it’s still an everyday struggle and I would LOVE to win this giveaway. Fingers crossed!

  11. We are having the hardest time getting our guy to gain weight. I’m thinking this could help me with my milk supply and possible help my baby. The pediatrician is wanting to give him a feeding tube and I just don’t want that for my baby. The thought of it sends my head in circles. This box would be really helpful to us.

  12. It’s encouragement to breastfeed! Besides giving your baby the best this is how to reward/pamper yourself each month 🙂

  13. i love the idea of a box geared towards breastfeeding mothers. the personalization and love put into it is remarkable.

  14. I love that there is a box geared towards breastfeeding moms. It’s definitely something that is needed. I love the cute mason jar cup!

  15. I think this would be a great encouragement for breastfeeding in the early days! I always struggle at the beginning.

  16. I love the healthy stuff and stuff for mom but most importantly that it encourages breastfeeding.

  17. I love the fact that its made just for moms and that there was thoughtfulness put into packing it

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