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Summer Fun in Autumn at Sahara Sam’s

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Back in April, we visited Sahara Sam’s as part of a blogger behind-the-scenes to The Mirage addition that was in the works. Now that The Mirage addition is open, my family wanted to check it out and my husband was the first to suggest it because he hadn’t yet visited the famed Sahara Sam’s! (He admits that he was jealous during our last trip!) The best thing about this place is probably that’s it’s open year-round so the fun doesn’t have to end just because it’s getting cold! Our older girls were away with Grandma so we went with our baby, three and almost five year olds.

sahara sams

The first thing we did was dawdle in the large, awesome game room. I feel like we could spend hours in there alone because there are my favorite games like skee-ball and basketball, but also fun, interactive games that the kids got a real kick out of. Many of the games award you with tickets which can be redeemed for prizes at the prize counter. Of course, this appeals to just about any kid!

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After we packed everything up in our locker, the kids headed straight to Tim-Buk-Tu. I think that Tim-Buk-Tu is pretty great for all ages. Me and the baby played off on the side with the water toys. For my husband and my son, the water guns and water slides were the main attraction.

sahara sams

Just like last time, the kids were most attracted to the Lizard Lagoon. With the bouncy chairs that are great for the baby and the slides they can handle on their own, they could spend days in there. It’s relaxing just sitting and watching the kids play, listening to the sound of flowing water all over this place.

sahara sams

Since my husband came with me this time, we were able to take turns trying the big slides! The very first thing he tried was the new Tut’s Twisters in The Mirage addition. He said that the slides were great and while he tried to act like he didn’t care who won the race, he made sure to mention that he won every time (against children), haha! That is a really neat concept for the slides and very unique in that you slide down on a mat rather than just your body or in a tube. He really enjoyed those slides and he was able to go down several times because the lines weren’t long!

I am a tube slide kind of girl so I hopped on the Snake Eyes a few times over. It was so relaxing and fun, I forgot how fun water slides are! I was watching people go down Mount Kilimanjaro, which is a family rafting ride, but we couldn’t go because of the tiniest kids. We did go through the lazy river, The Congo Bongo as a family and that was really fun. We each put some of the kids on our laps and held hands so that we could all go through together. It’s such a cute ride for all ages.

sahara sams(Top: The Mirage’s Cleopatra’s Cove, Bottom: The Congo Bongo)

We made sure to go into the new Cleopatra’s Cove, titled adorably, which is a very large pool located in The Mirage. To me, this pool is huge and perfect if you want to relax while the kids race down the racing slides directly in front of you. If the little ones are still trying to get used to the water or want to play Marco Polo, here’s your spot!

We also had lunch here because I loved the food last time! My husband was skeptical, he said, “It’s going to be fast food. Food at these places is never good.” I stared at him while he ate, just waiting to say “I told you so.” Sure enough, he looked at me and went, “Wow, you were right. This chicken really is good!” Aha! So if you eat lunch or snacks at Sahara Sam’s, we’ve both agreed that the chicken is quite tasty! That’s not something I think I’ve ever said about an amusement park but it sure is a pleasant surprise!

Sahara Sam’s is a mere minutes away from my mom’s home and we’ve discussed getting season passes because of how much we enjoyed ourselves and you could really spend all day here, rain or shine, cold or hot. The Mirage addition has only further made it a great place for all ages and the season passes are incredibly reasonably priced. I think it’s a nice play to go once but a better place to go often, if you can. Bring Grandma and throw a birthday party here are the next things on our list. Ah, yes, if and when I make a “Best of New Jersey” list, Sahara Sam’s will surely be on it.

sahara sams


You can purchase tickets to Sahara Sam’s HERE!

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*The Quirky Mom Next Door received free admission to this event in exchange for her coverage and honest review. All opinions and experiences are her own only.

8 thoughts on “Summer Fun in Autumn at Sahara Sam’s

  1. I have never heard of this place. There are so many places out there I would never know were it not for the internet. Anyway, this place sure looks like loads of fun. For children and adults. I bet time flies when you’re here. There is so much to do just based on what I’ve read. I doubt Iwill ever get the chance to visit here, but it is nice to hear about others’ experiences.

  2. We wanted to go there this year so bad but time, money, and family things just didn’t let us make it there. My 11 year old actually has a season pass to here on her Christmas list because she went once before for a friends party and loved it.

  3. I have never heard of this place but it sure sounds like a lot of fun. I know my family would love going to a place like this. Now if we only had one close….

  4. There is so much to do for adventure for all age groups…. I have never heard of this place but I’ll be sure to research it and share this page with others online / offline!. There are so many places for that of families to enjoy the fun. I dont have much in the way of funds so I often have to go to the biggest pool that of open waters (Ocean / Gulf Waters) to the public and we often gather shells for drawing, crafts etc. There appears to be an adventure based on what I’ve read / heard.

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