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Death By Chocolate on my Doorstep… Desserts!

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In September and November, I shared with you the deliciousness that’s been appearing at my front door. It’s called Doorstep Desserts and it’s fantastic. You choose between two different desserts for the week and it’s got all of the ingredients and directions you need to make a tasty treat. It’s so extremely simple to put together that my kids have been able to figure out! So I feel like I should take this time to tell the gentleman, if you aren’t a baker but you want to treat her to a special night at home for Valentine’s Day, this is exactly what you need! If you’re not up for that, you could always just get her the subscription box for a gift. “No, honey, I didn’t get you one dessert. I got you a year of desserts!” I think that will work out in your favor, fellas. 😉

doorstep desserts chocolate

So last month, there was a glitch with the e-mail for me and I actually received the same thing as we did the first time but I didn’t want to share a repeat with you guys so I made lemonade. No, not literal lemonade, although this week’s lemon tartlet looks wonderful…but I digress. You see, the package arrived just as I’d made tons of sugar cookies but discovered that I had no icing and no ingredients to make my own. Two different types of icing were included in the Confetti Sushi Roll recipe, so now I had plenty! The kids ate the cupcakes as is, because Doorstep Desserts ingredients are already cooked and ready for consumption! Confetti cupcakes are perfect plain, great flavor.

The Death by Chocolate recipe this month was a real hit here! We were given a little chocolate cake, chocolate creme pie filling, chocolate buttercream, and crunchy topping. Once again, it proved to be too much to hold all of these ready-made ingredients in my hand and I had to taste everything. Don’t worry, only my kids share these with me! Haha!

doorstep desserts chocolate

Every single ingredient was decadent beauty, I’m not kidding. I toyed with the idea of eating everything separately but then I felt like you guys would not get to see the magic that happens with your Doorstep Desserts recipes! The kids did much of putting together this one, except for the cutting.

I ended up with so much chocolate left over that I did an extra layer on top to try and make it look like an actual cake. I’m no cake decorator or anything. Actually, that’s the one craft area in which I fail miserably!

doorstep desserts chocolate

So how was the finished product? Perfectly chocolately and yummy! It was messy as anything for the kids to eat but they were so happy that they made their own desserts. I think this is such a fun way to start incorporating the kids in the kitchen. As usual, we loved our Doorstep Desserts and I’ve yet to even see an option from them that didn’t sound like something I wanted in my belly at that very moment. LOVE and still recommend, especially at a mere $15 per kit.



Purchase a dessert kit for $15 at! Each kit includes a recipe card and dessert ingredients in a box.

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10 thoughts on “Death By Chocolate on my Doorstep… Desserts!

  1. I have never heard of Doorstep Desserts but what a splendid idea. The dessert looks amazing and we love chocolate at my house. Very cool and would definitely make a great gift. Would also love to make these with my granddaughter.

  2. Every time I start a recipe there seems to be an ingredient I am missing and I either make a trip to the store or look for something else to make. Having all the ingredients available would be nice. The desserts look delicious!

  3. This is such a great idea. Would love to give someone a subscription to receive these desserts, maybe for a new baby. How fun for the whole family to decorate together!

  4. This sounds like a great new concept. I have seen lots of the meals delivered to your door but I love the idea of a dessert delivery!

  5. These do look scrumptious, and it would be nice to have some treats that are this good and didn’t have to make a mess and clean up baking them!

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