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Listen Up with AudioTechnica Noise-Cancelling Headphones + GIVEAWAY! Ends 9/5

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I’m a music addict. With music, I get more done, I feel better, and it just really sets me off in a positive way. Since I’m moving around a lot, I wanted something wireless that could go with me as I hustled around. With my new AudioTechnica QuietPoint ATH-ANC40BT headphones, I got exactly what I was looking for and I’m pretty happy with them!

audiotechnica headphones

AudioTechnica QuietPoint ATH-ANC40BT headphones are noise-cancelling headphones with earbuds, rather than the big and bulky over-ear headphones that I mentally associate with the idea of noise-cancellation. I’m not usually a fan of the over-ear kind of headphones because they hurt my ears so I was glad to learn that there was a noise-cancelling earbud option for me!

I need to start by saying something slightly unrelated to the headphones: If you have an issue with sound, play with the device that controls your sound. My phone wanted to automatically activate a program (some app that came with my phone) that I wasn’t using previously and it turned the sound all metallic and weird. Because I knew that they were playing correctly when I first plugged them in, I knew that this wasn’t the normal sound they were supposed to make. It took me a lot of searching but I figured out how to reset my phone’s audio back to the normal settings and everything sounded perfect. Make sure that the device you use to play your music is set properly so you can get proper use of your AudioTechnica QuietPoint ATH-ANC40BT headphones!

audiotechnica quietpoint headphones

As far as the noise-cancelling is concerned, I’d never used noise-cancelling headphones but it’s summer and the kids don’t stop fighting whether I attempt to break it up or not. So, I’m choosing to work with nothing but music to keep me focused. I need that noise-cancellation. (Don’t worry guys, I can still SEE the kids!) When I slid the little noise-cancelling button, I didn’t really hear the sound itself change so I read the directions (Duh!) and learned that the tiny built-in microphone actually detects sound coming from your surroundings and cancels it out within the headphones. I had my kids test and yell obnoxious questions at me over and over, like they would on a normal day. Nothing. Now, if they scream it does hear them because it’s a higher frequency. That’s great because I can’t hear them whining but nobody’s breaking any legs without me knowing. The noise-cancelling is actually so good that when I was cleaning the counter, my husband scared me half to death and I whacked him in the head with an empty juice bottle. Beware noise-cancellation and jumpy wives with weapons. Ha!

audiotechnica headphones

Now I know my tone makes it sound like I’m using my AudioTechnica QuietPoint ATH-ANC40BT headphones to ignore my kids and I’m kidding (kind of, have you ever worked from home before?!) but honestly, the headphones are fantastic and they’re useful for all kinds of activities.

When I first published this post, I had only used them while listening to music but now I am editing to add that they make a fantastic headset for phone calls or gaming too! My husband had bought me some cheap, terrible headphones that I hated. I decided to try to use my QuietPoint headphones for our Dungeons & Dragons game and the sound was clear and everyone could hear me very well. Success!

My original intention of getting these was actually for the kids to use on the airplane when we go to Disney but I’m not sure if I’m going to share now. They’ve made things a lot more convenient for me! They use the standard USB-C chargers and recharging them is easy! The headphones don’t fall out of my ears and they also don’t hurt them, as some others have in the past. The charging port is hidden by a little slip piece so that it doesn’t get all filthy. Volume can be controlled by the piece on your left side, as well as the noise-cancelling on/off switch. I need things to be easily controlled because there’s so much going on! So between quality and ease, I’m enjoying these headphones!

audiotechnica quietpoint headphones

You can purchase AudioTechnica QuietPoint ATH-ANC40BT headphones here at the AudioTechnica website for $129.

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149 thoughts on “Listen Up with AudioTechnica Noise-Cancelling Headphones + GIVEAWAY! Ends 9/5

  1. I like to tune everything out when using headphones. These would be great, especially when someone is mowing the lawn 🙂

  2. I would use these anytime I didn`t want to disturb my husband. At night when I can`t sleep and on road trips!

  3. I move around a lot when I work. I keep buying headphones with longer and longer cables. This would be an amazing improvement.

  4. I think these headphones will serve such an amazing purpose for all of us working and stay at home mom’s!! I would love to win this!

  5. id listen to music while people are busy around the house and while im reading books listen to some music

  6. I travel a lot and these would be perfect to have! The only headphones I have now are the ones that came with my phone…

  7. I would love to use these in the hospital chapel because during my prayer times I love to listen to worship music!

  8. Wow! There are so many ways I could use these. Mowing the yard, while on the air plane while traveling, around the house…

  9. I’d wear them when I don’t want to hear my grandchildren yelling at the games they are playing.

  10. I would use the audiotechnica quietpoint headphones when I’m online doing my chores and such things. I think that they are so awesome and this is incredible and I love them so much. Thank you.

  11. I exercise outdoors almost daily and these would be perfect. My current headphones are wires and the cord always gets in the way and gets pulled on the clothing I am wearing.

  12. I would use these headphones while studying so I wouldn’t have to listen to the television. My Dad watches politics at least 10 hours a day. I kid you not. I don’t mind watching for an hour or two, but that long? Oh hell no. It’s distracting, awfully distracting because he listens at 100…and there is nowhere to escape the noise.

  13. I would love to have these for my husband when he works out or just when I need some time to just listen to a class or music on the computer. With 5 kids our house is never quiet, even when they sleep they sing and talk.

  14. I would use them while I’m streaming Netflix on the computer; but … I probably wouldn’t have them for long. I have a feeling my teen would claim them for himself!

  15. I am taking classes online working on a Bachelor’s degree. I would use them to do my homework and listen to classes.

  16. I would love to take them with me on long trips, especially those that require flying. I could zone out. And I could pack them along easily.

  17. I would love to gift these to my hubby. He needs them because he travels often with his job. He always complains about how loud it is on the plane.

  18. I would love to use these headphones to drown out my coworkers negativity! It is so peaceful to work in the evenings after everyone leaves!

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