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In the last three months, I’ve had a couple of surgeries and procedures which has kept me mostly indoors. They were nothing serious and hopefully all behind me now, but recovery and medicine left me feeling low. I left my house in pajamas for the first time since childhood and every time I got a glimpse in the mirror I thought, “Wow, I look like a bag lady!” My appearance is a big deal to me, not because I care what other people think of it, but because it makes me feel good to look good. When I look in the mirror and I’m sporting a cute outfit, I’m not ashamed to say that I smile at myself. “You go girl”, I think. When I’m “going girl”, Soft Comfort shoes are always part of the ensemble.

Soft Comfort Shoes - Cheyenne

Once I finally peeled my butt off of the couch to get dressed and lift my spirits, I reached for my stone Cheyenne booties to complement a GREEN MAYBE IDK with LEGGINGS. Before I go any further, you should know that feeling and looking great should never mean sacrificing your comfort. How can you think “I’m going to slay today!” when you’ve got blisters forming or a sore arch? It doesn’t have to be this way and that’s what I’m always trying to tell people. My grey Cheyenne booties are incredibly adorable and simply comfortable. Soft Comfort has a wide array of styles available and comfort is in the name for Pete’s sake, they’re definitely incorporating that into every pair!

Soft Comfort Shoes - Cheyenne

So I reached for my outfit to pull me out of my gloom and I got one look in the mirror. “THERE you are!” (Talking to yourself this much is okay when you’re saying supportive, inspirational stuff, okay guys? Haha!) I instantly felt like a go-getter, like I was going to get stuff done today and be happy about it.

I don’t think that anyone’s opinion should have any bearing on how you feel, you should look in the mirror and love what you see, however I never tire of the shoe compliments. Everyone always says how cute they are and asks where are they from. My first response is always a mini motivational speech about how they’re so comfortable and beauty shouldn’t mean a trade-off, to which it seems everyone agrees. (Though if everyone agrees, I’m not sure who is still out there buying 75 inch high heels!)

Soft Comfort Shoes - Cheyenne

Not a bootie gal? I’m SO excited to announce that Soft Comfort finally added sneakers to their collection! Sneakers used to be my only form of footwear before Soft Comfort crossed me over but now I feel like my old sneakers are so drab and would go with absolutely none of my pretty outfits. Cue the new Shirlee!

The lightweight Shirlee sneakers come in black, navy, and grey. I chose the grey because I’m obviously on a grey kick (pun?!) but also because I feel like it’s beautiful and goes with a lot. The material on the Shirlee is like a soft, breathable wool with an adorable little heart on the heel. I prefer to wear them with any jeans, just like with any old sneakers except, you know, pleasing to look at!

Soft Comfort Shoes - Shirlee

My oldest daughter actually wanted them for herself and while NO, SHE CAN’T HAVE MINE, I would absolutely pick her up a pair of Shirlees. We’re always arguing about shoes that go with her outfits because she wants to wear dressier shoes and then go to recess with them. With these sneakers, she’s not going to trip or break her foot running around but she also loves how pretty and versatile they are. I can’t believe they make shoes we can both agree on, she’s at the age where that’s impossible.

Soft Comfort Shoes - Shirlee

Here I am yet again touting how awesome Soft Comfort shoes are, just like I do about their sister company Secret Celebrity. I’ll never stop saying that confidence and comfort go together and now I can tell my daughter the same thing with a pair of Shirlee sneakers!

Soft Comfort Shoes - Shirlee

Look good, feel good, and walk tall with Soft Comfort! Get yourself a pair of Cheyennes here or Shirlees here.

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