How are you getting your family to Disney?

Getting to Disney with Your Kids

If you caught our Disney lodging post, you may be wondering why we’re not driving to Florida if we’re trying to save money. You see, it’s because I also want to save my sanity. Maybe your kids are angels in the car but every two minutes for sixteen hours, my children would whine “she’s looking at me!” like you see on television. Actually, there are several reasons that I couldn’t fathom DRIVING to the happiest place on earth.

1. Like I said, my children can be absolute beasts to each other. I would be listening to so many arguments about nothing, sometimes literally nothing. “I stopped talking but she said to stop talking! I already stopped talking but now she’s talking to tell me to stop talking!” I would be holding up a ‘HELP’ sign in the window to passersby.

2. I feel like the number of pit stops over the course of the trip would be astronomical. No matter how many times you tell them to make sure they all go now, someone has to go ten minutes later. It’s just the way!

3. We’d have to find somewhere to stay on the way and let’s not forget to add in the hotel price. It wouldn’t cost as much as a plane ticket, sure, but it factors in!

4. I don’t trust my car. It’s a great classic (read: old and inexpensive… I don’t even have hub caps anymore, guys!) but I’d rather not test its limits and end up stranded. I could rent a car but that would add to the price again.

5. Having to stop for meals will up the time and cost of the car ride. I’m also not wanting to eat a lot of fast food so a sit down dinner would just be even more taxing!

6. Traffic is frustrating and will certainly add to the time and probably make the kids incredibly antsy. I’m envisioning an “are we there yet?” Bart Simpson scenario.

7. At the end of such a long journey, we’d all be so exhausted and maybe not very ready for such a busy trip!


Even with the cost of any potential stops, driving is likely much cheaper than flying but you have to decide if it’s worth it for your family. For the sake of me, we sprung for the flights. Flying can be expensive but there are plenty of ways to cut costs there too! We’re actually flying out of a teeny airport that a discount airline flies out of. The seats are smaller, any luxury at all will cost money, and you get charged for every bit of your luggage.

Luggage prices can be brutal so you have to consider how much you’re packing. Luckily, staying at the rental home means that we’ll be able to do laundry, thus pack less clothing. We’re paying for a couple of checked bags and carry-on. They measure the bags and I’m sure they stick closely to it because they’re the cheaper airline but just watch yourself with it and you’ll be fine!

We’ve saved money on vacations in the past by using vacation services like Expedia but shop around,  and price check all of the airports you can fly out of. Apparently going directly to the airport to buy your plane tickets can actually get you an even better price! Don’t be like me and incorrectly assume that people mean to wait until the day of your trip and buy them, NO! Any time ahead of your trip, pay a visit to the airport to buy your tickets. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Besides price there are other cons to flying over driving, like weather. I do fear that it will suddenly snow, delaying our trip out there.  Now if you were driving, this might require you to take it easy on the roads but bad weather when you’re flying can really derail your entire trip! Driving means you control your own trek and you’ll have your own car to get around. You can actually catch other landmarks on the way and make it a REAL road trip!

Then there are other considerations about the flight itself.  For example, how will the kids handle their ears popping?  Will you be able to confine their energy and excitement in their plane seat?  There are also airport stressors, like connecting flights, security checkpoints, and the crowds to consider.  All of this can be avoided by driving, and there are no other new variables to consider.

Just like with choosing your lodging, you have to weigh the pros and cons. We have to leave the house at four in the morning to make our extremely early flight but it’s only two and a half hours versus a grueling sixteen. The kids are both excited and nervous about taking their first ever plane flight but I’m excited for them to have that experience. I’ve been to Disney World once myself, and it was also my first time flying. I was mystified!  The take off and landings had me so anxious, and the turbulence scared/thrilled me like an amusement ride itself! I can’t wait to see their faces when we touch down in Florida and they can see all of the pretty views there. Wish us luck!

Did you fly or drive to Disney? What made you choose that method of travel?

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How do you travel to Disney?

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