Confessions: Why I’ll Never Be a Food Blogger

In this day and age, you can’t throw a stone without hitting a blogger. Everyone is blogging and as I watch my peers, I notice that the ones who blog about food thrive quicker and better than the others. They post these beautiful pictures of what they made for dinner and these detailed step-by-step recipes that you can print out and re-create. I love those food bloggers… but I couldn’t ever be one. No matter how much it might benefit my blog, that’s never going to be my bag, baby.

You can click on the “Recipes” tag on my blog and you’ll find recipes that are either created by my husband or they’re desserts (That’s me, hi!) The truth is that I hate cooking. I can’t make it look artistic and appetizing for you in a post because that composition is not my forte. That’s not where my artistic side is. My husband will come home with a smile ear-to-ear and excitedly tell me about how he had an idea on a new way to flavor shrimp or a new combination of foods that will be delicious. I enjoy eating his tasty concoctions and I can surely appreciate the beauty in it, but I can’t bring myself to feel that kind of passion about cooking and creating recipes from scratch.

My passion lies in writing so I would be that blogger who tells you all about how well this dish was received at the last pot luck event and quote all of my favorite compliments. I’d be the blogger who tells you all about their life story and let’s be honest, all you want is the recipe. Come on lady, I’m hungry. Can we talk about the first time you ever saw a cow some other time?!

Patience and cold food also seem like they’d be essential parts of being a food blogger. Like I said, if I’m cooking, it’s more of a means to an end. I don’t want to spend all day taking pictures of the process and I definitely¬†don’t want my food to get cold while I figure out the proper lighting for a Pinterest-worthy cover photo. Just like you just want to eat, so do I!

So I feel like I should say I’m sorry that I don’t share as much of my own food as the average blogger. I think one way I make up for it is by having a Recipes board on my Pinterest page where I’m sharing recipes from all of those awesome food bloggers who do know and love what they’re doing. It’s got ten times more pins than the rest of my boards and I strictly pin stuff that I will or have tried. I’ll follow a recipe all day long, I’m just not normally one to invent them.

I think in most situations, I’m that blogger you follow because you can relate to me and not so much because I have the answers. Actually, that’s a topic I’ll cover next time as “I Don’t Have The Answers” sits in my drafts unfinished. Ha!

Can anyone relate? Are you still a recipe follower? Are you passionate about cooking?

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  1. Cooking is not really my thing although I enjoy trying new things. I could never create my own recipes, but love making others’ food ideas.

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