Kicking Off the Summer in My New Sandals!

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Time and time again, I’ve told you guys about one of my favorite shoe companies with the preface that I’m really not a shoe gal to begin with but at this point, the closet full of Secret Celebrity and Soft Comfort shoes says otherwise! So Secret Celebrity is my favorite for fancy-pants shoes and Soft Comfort is where I go for the cozy but adorable ones. I can always find at least a few styles that appeal to me from both!

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This season I snagged the Ella sandals from Secret Celebrity and the Garden Path sandals from Soft Comfort. I’ve struggled for a while with a pretty shoe to wear with my long dresses and I was actually torn between the Ella and the Emily but I think that the bow on the Ella is what sold me! The bow gives it this cute chic look that can basically dress up any outfit. I think it would be great with a pair of denim capris but my focus is on all of my gorgeous dresses. The Ellas give me a nice boost with the wedge, which I need because I’m short and the dresses are so long! The color makes them versatile and of course, they’re not uncomfortable like so many fancy shoes. I love the Ellas and I’m thinking about getting the Blush color too, which I also debated on when making my decision!

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For my dressed down clothing, I went with the navy leather Garden Path shoes. I picked the navy because I felt like it might go well with lots of denim outfits, which tends to be most of what I wear throughout summer. Even though I have a history of comfortable shoes with Soft Comfort, I was hesitant to test these out the very first day with a lot of walking through a Wildwood amusement park. Any shoe can really be put to the test with a ton of walking. Per my husband’s suggestion, I brought my sneakers just in case my feet started to hurt but I never needed them! The Garden Paths hugged my feet perfectly, with not too much give they’re flopping (sorry guys, not and never going to be a flip flop person!) but loosely enough that my feet could breathe. They were very secure and I love the padding under my foot, SO comfortable! They are a nice laid back and lovable shoe with a fairly versatile match ability! I’ll never wear my yellow shirt without these now, they totally work perfectly together!


It’s no surprise that I still totally recommend Secret Celebrity and Soft Comfort whether you’re dressing up or down, doing a lot of walking or just sitting down at a restaurant!

You can purchase the Ella sandals from for $49.99.

You can purchase the Garden Path sandals from for $49.99.

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4 thoughts on “Kicking Off the Summer in My New Sandals!

  1. The tan colored sandals with the bow are so cute! Im not much of a shoe gal myself but those would compliment so many outfits!!

  2. Those sandals are super cute! I love the little bow detail on the front of the tan ones 😀😀😀

  3. Thanks for sharing! Sandals in the summer are one of the reasons I look forward to the season. I have way too many pair, if that’s even possible!😂

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