Music Class at Home with the Casio CT-S200

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My daughter showed an interest in music when she was just a baby. She was always dancing and singing, even when her words were still unrecognizable baby talk. When we finally got her piano lessons, she was over the moon. The look on her face was adorable when she showed us the first song’s chorus that she learned. To continue to support her learning, especially in quarantine times when we are all learning from home, we decided to get her a brand new keyboard from Casio.

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A Lightweight Travel Keyboard Full of Features

The Casio CT-S200 is a lightweight travel keyboard that is by no means lightweight in its features. It comes in red, white or black. It has over 400 different tones, 77 rhythms, 60 built-in songs, and 61 full-sized keys. Aside from being lightweight, one of the ways it’s portable is the built-in carrying handle.  It runs on six AA batteries to power, and that’s a beautiful thing.  Considering the sheer amount of toys and gadgets that run on such a common battery, I almost always have them in stock in my home.  That’s a sharp contrast to our former keyboard.  That one took D style batteries, and it was absolutely always a trip to the store when they ran out.  The Casio CT-S200 is no power hog either as it’s still running strong on those batteries despite countless hours of use.  Despite the mobility and versatility of battery operation, it also comes with a power supply.  It’s easily the best device out there for any music student!

casio ct-s200

A Perfect Tool for Music Students and Teachers

Another feature that I love for my little Beethoven is the fact that the Casio CT-S200 can connect via USB to the Chordana Play App, which is a free music lessons app available in the Google and Apple app stores. The keyboard has a music stand on the back of it so that you can put your child’s lesson book or sheet music up there. She loves that because she can work on lessons on her own without an official teacher, or internet access, and she does pick things up pretty well!

casio ct-s200

We think that the Casio CT-S200 is great for any keyboard player but I’m just so enamored with it as a tool for students. I envision a teacher going house to house with it. My daughter can practice with it in any room. It packs plenty of sound, options, and fits well in any home, park, lake side, beach, or anywhere else that inspires you. It truly is a ‘must have’ for everyone, in any stage in their musical lives.

casio ct-s200

Portable Means Anytime, Anywhere

Originally, I intended for this portable keyboard to belong to my ten year old but I love it so much that I’ve decreed it to be more of a family keyboard. I imagine everyone taking turns playing songs for each other after Christmas dinner, the kids showcasing their newest learned song together, and bringing it along with us to a friend’s house.

Every one of us recommends the Casio CT-S200 for its features and convenience. We think it’s brought us together and has helped us all to be a bit more musically inclined.

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1 thought on “Music Class at Home with the Casio CT-S200

  1. I took keyboard and piano lessons for many years as a child. I would love for my daughters to love it like I did. Casio is a great brand, and this is a great keyboard with a lot of nice features. It would be wonderful for my daughters to learn this at home. My 7 year old daughter loves music. In fact, she was named student of the week in music class this past Friday. It’s nice to see they are still recognizing students efforts even though we are doing all work from home right now.

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