Tranquilium by BedInABox: Zen Sleep for Your Little Ones

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“Sleep when they sleep” is still sound advice, no matter what age your child is. Kids are loud and they are busy so if they’re awake, you’re not sleeping. My husband hates putting the kids to bed at night because he feels like they always want to stay up and play. Either that or after you think they’re sound asleep, they end up creepily standing at the edge of your bed with their hair in their faces like something out of a scary movie. So anyone who thinks it doesn’t matter what kind of mattress you get your kids… they’re wrong.


We received the Tranquilium twin mattress from BedInABox and my little man says it’s the softest thing he’s ever slept on. He’s actually been walking around bragging that he has the most comfortable bed in the house and he’s not wrong. He surpasses even us (I don’t want to talk about it!). When we realized how big and fluffy his BedInABox mattress was, we weren’t sure if we should put it on the top bunk where he sleeps right now. So we asked if he would be willing to switch mattresses. He said absolutely not, no way in the world. We bought a bumper for the top bunk just so this little man could keep his special bed, that’s how important it was to him!


However, in the end, we decided to move another bed in the room so that he could still be with his siblings at night. He certainly sleeps best when surrounded by those he loves and on his new cloud of comfort.


The Tranquilium mattress is 12″ of firm multilayer foam with CoolRest gel memory foam and a soft knit Tencel cover. No, there is no need for a box spring! It’s incredibly high quality and 100% made in the U.S.. It looks so much thicker than you’d imagine and looks just as soft as you would think. BedInABox includes free mattress delivery, the bed comes to your doorstep and you get a 120 night free trial but I can’t imagine it’s often necessary. I’m already planning for our next bed to be from here, dead serious. We’ve had a lot of mattresses through this house and this is easily an affordable favorite. To say my husband and I are jealous would be an understatement!


The layers within this mattress make for quite the restful sleep and when the kids get sleep, I get sleep. The 7″ support layer does just that, gives it the support. Then you have 2″ of Pluralux that maintains that support but transitions to the plush top layer. The 3″ of CoolRest is probably the best part because something about laying on coolness is so relaxing. The smooth knit cover makes you almost want to sleep without a fitted sheet on. However, we also have the BedInABox Tencel mattress protector and sheet set and he sure finds those to be comfortably acceptable! You have to put a good mattress cover on a high quality bed like this if you’re putting a child on it. The goal is to make this bed last a long time and we think it’s important to protect against the kinds of stains and damage kids can cause!


We transitioned our six year old to the Tranquilium from two previous and much less qualified mattresses. He’s so proud of his new memory foam mattress that you would think it was a fancy new toy. I’m honestly surprised to see a kid so happy about a mattress but I think that it’s just proof that it absolutely matters what they sleep on at night. Everyone’s been trying to find an excuse to lay on his bed so I can say with confidence that the whole family recommends BedInABox!



You can purchase the Tranquilium mattress in any size from twin to California King from Use the code QUIRKY20 for an additional $20 off your purchase combined any active code on the website!

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8 thoughts on “Tranquilium by BedInABox: Zen Sleep for Your Little Ones

  1. This looks like a great mattress. I’ve never had a foam mattress before. I like the idea of not needing a box spring. I love that it is made in the USA.

  2. This sounds like an amazing mattress! The 120 night free trial is very impressive. I would definitely be interested in getting this for my next mattress!

  3. There is something beneficial about a good night’s sleep. The mattress would work well in any location.

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