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So technically, I always have to include the disclosure about receiving the product free but the truth here is that I was buying this movie for my digital collection (which is huge, thanks to my husband!) regardless because I have been head over heels in love with the Impractical Jokers for years! There were so many episodes that made me laugh until I cry. We still walk around the house yelling, “I’m eatin’ your grapes, bro! BOOM!” If that doesn’t make sense to you, you may not be familiar with the Impractical Jokers…but you absolutely should be.

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The Impractical Jokers are a lifelong group of friends, as well as a comedy troupe known as The Tenderloins, who challenge each other to do embarrassing things in public. They do things like take groceries out of people’s carts at the store and read bogus e-mails to strangers to see what they will say. The person with the least points at the end has to complete a punishment challenge. It has me constantly laughing and ranks as one of my absolute favorite shows of all the time!

I found Impractical Jokers: The Movie to be pretty funny and much needed at a time like this when the world is in chaos. The premise is a fictional story of the guys from the beginning. The storyline surrounds Paula Abdul, which I’ll admit seems so random, but that is actually one of the things I found funny about it. The plot is a total “WTH” funny and I can appreciate that humor!

There are several challenges within the movie and even some punishment-like moments that I loved. Actually, my favorite moment was one that was a prank they pulled on Sal that was totally INSANE. It may very well be my favorite of all time. The Impractical Jokers have an amazing chemistry and it’s why I watch anything they put out, be it the TV show, movie, or even a game show they’ve done.

My only complaint would be that there’s not enough Larry! I think I heard “Larry” once in the whole film and it was subtle. WE NEED MORE LARRY! There are plenty of references to the series so those of you coming back for more will be pleased. Newbies, be warned, you are going to end up wanting to binge the TV series afterward!

If you’re not a fan of this movie, you’re the thimble. Also for what it’s worth, the biggest “ball bag” is easily Joe Gatto’s. The amount of things he hasn’t been willing to do probably wouldn’t even fill one regular television episode. He often takes a challenge and one-ups it by making it so, so much more embarrassing. The man doesn’t even flinch. I’m a bit curious who YOUR favorite Impractical Joker is?


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54 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: The Movie Review!

  1. I love this show, especially more now. All the news is virus related, so watch The Jokers is a good getaway!

  2. Sal is my favorite he just seem like he would be the funnest to hang with . My favorites are always when they have to do customer service of some type .

  3. Thanks for the review and the opportunity to win the movie. I really love the show It helps me when I’m feeling down and I wasn’t able to see the movie with everything going on It wasn’t in my location for a long time

  4. I love murr. I worked in Brooklyn and saw them filming and he was really cool and was polite to us. Favorite prank would have to be when they were at the self serve yogurt store and had to take the yogurt off to lower the price

  5. I had heard of the Impractical Jokers but never really had a chance to watch what they material. I saw their movie came out and thought I should check it out…..I can’t believe I’ve missed out on something so good. Having my first experience in the theater is priceless. Choosing the best gag is impossible (although the Roman Soldier was classic) but if I had to choose something specific it’s the gangs onscreen chemistry. You can tell their great friends and just happen to be along for the ride. But believe me, this is one ride you don’t want to pass up. My personal fav: James Murray.

  6. Well for me it’s Joe and it’s probably the toilet paper punishment. It’s so simple but hilarious. OH or Captain Fatbelly.

    My wife wants to play too so hers is Q. She likes the tarantula punishments of his!!

  7. I love Sal and anything with Benjamin the cat! Even though it’s always fun to watch Murr get so embarrassed!

  8. Q is my favorite and I love the punishments like when Sal had the cats all over him. It is such a funny show

  9. After reading the review, I’m super stoked to see the movie!! We love the Jokers and every time they are on we watch them, even if they are reruns. Was disappointed to hear that “LARRY” wasn’t in the movie more because who doesn’t love WHERE’S LARRY!! I’m happy they included challenges and punishments, which makes it even more exciting to check out. Can’t wait to see it and I appreciate your honest review and love for the Jokers!!

  10. Joe is the best! By far, the best prank was when they all picked tattoos for each other. Murr’s skydiving ferret and Sal’s Jaden Smith tattoos are hilarious.

  11. My fave joker is Sal, and my favorite prank is so hard to pick, but I think I have a favorite segment! I loved when the Jokers were doing a clinical study and did whatever they could to make the others laugh. I snorted at that one!

  12. I like Murray! I think he’s so funny and I like when he tilts his head to the side when he’s trying to not laugh and say something hard to say!

  13. All the Jokers crack me up, but Murr is probably my favorite…or Sal…I can’t decide! My favorite prank is a Murr punishment, when he was told he was to go on stage for Dracula monologue, and instead had to perform with a gospel choir. Thank you for the chance to win!

  14. My favorite joker is Joe. I love when they do focus groups. I also like when they go to the grocery store and mess with people. My husband and I are huge fans. We’ve seen The Impractical Jokers live when they were here in Orlando, Florida.

  15. My favorite joker is Murr because you can tell he was raised to respect others and it is so difficult for him to insult people. I love the way he just shakes his head and walks away when he can’t do something. My favorite stunt, though, was when they did the punishment for Sal and locked him in the room with the 2 creepy little girls. He used the chair like a lion tamer would. LOL!

  16. Sal is the Best. His best skit was when he was a waiter and he gave his plea to the whole restaurant.

  17. Sal is my favorite joker, love his funny reactions. My favorite punishment was when Q was hooked up to mimic contractions, I laughed so hard!

  18. I think Joe is my favorite one because he seems to put himself out there a lot more. Unless it’s something really mean towards a lady you can believe that he’s gonna do it! My favorite prank is when the boys wrapped EVERYTHING in Joe’s house for his birthday LOL

  19. Sal is my favorite…all the practical jokes are hilarious! We all need some good laughs right now! 😃

  20. I love Joe! My favorite is when they have the guys each play a secretary and they have to call out the craziest names in front of the other people in the office and try not to laugh.

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