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Introducing Hyland’s Young Adult Homeopathic!

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I have been an avid Hyland’s customer for a long time! Hyland’s is a homeopathic brand whose products I’ve used for a long time, be it for sickness or daily anxiety assistance for myself. I’m happy to report that Hyland’s now has a Young Adult line, including treatment for acne, menstrual ailments, and general stress.

Time and time again, I choose homeopathy over modern medicine. I think that teenagers have enough going on in their lives and if I can find homeopathy that works for us, I would rather go this route than introducing prescribed medications. I was a troubled teen myself and I had horrific acne, mood swings, and bad anxiety. My dermatologists prescribed every modern acne medication under the sun and they absolutely never cleared up my acne. The anxiety medications I was prescribed in my late teens made me loopy so I refused to take them. With all of this in mind, it was easy for me to turn to Hyland’s first for the young adult in my house!

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Hyland’s Young Adult ClearAc is an acne medicine that is specifically formulated for young adults. These tiny tablets dissolve under the tongue and contain natural active ingredients. Topical ointments often contain harsh chemicals that burn the skin and cause redness and pain (I’m speaking from firsthand experience here!) so this homeopathic medicine is quite the relief. We’re thrilled to have an option that doesn’t burn, especially since my daughter has very sensitive skin that is prone to burning and redness!

Hyland’s Young Adult Moon works to combat period symptoms. Unlike many common period medicines, it doesn’t contain caffeine, NSAIDs, or any kind of hormones. It’s intended to combat cramps, irritability, and backache that so often occurs during the menstrual cycle. I would turn to this option myself before any others as I’ve had some terrible side effects from some of the common period medications out there.

Hyland’s Young Adult Serene is non-habit forming, which is most important to me personally when searching for a medication like this, especially for a child. It’s non-drowsy and doesn’t leave those groggy side effects that so often occur with other products. This one is kind of a catch-all. It helps with so many side effects that come with adolescence. Your teen can take this one for irritability, stress headaches, upset stomach, and occasional sleeplessness. My daughter loves this one and really feels like it helps her when she is stressed out! I’ve taken it several times myself and can definitely personally recommend it.

Overall, we definitely recommend trying Hyland’s and I’m not just saying that! I don’t know where we’d be without it!

You can purchase Hyland’s Young Adult collection at Hyland’s.com or on Amazon!

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Hyland’s Young Adult Homeopathic!

  1. Can all three young adult products be taken together? Like if my daughter needs Moon and Serene? Or an hour apart?

    1. I don’t want to make any medical claims so definitely try to reach out to the company and double-check but honestly, my daughter and I have both done this and been totally fine!

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