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Week One at Camp Quirky: Father’s Day Craft

Welcome to the first week of Camp Quirky! Our very first theme is…drumroll, please…Father’s Day!

This theme was inspired a little bit by Mother’s Day! You see, my kids walked in from school with arms full of crafts they did for me and I could see how left out he felt. He said, “They’re not in school for Father’s Day so I do feel a little jealous of all of these adorable gifts they make for you!” It broke my heart but immediately gave me an idea. That was the moment when I knew that this camp had to happen and the very first week would be devoted to working on projects to make sure that not only does our family’s dad know how important he is to us, but your family’s too!

Father’s Day Craft

For our very first activity in this virtual summer camp, I did some research and, well, I hated it. Father’s Day crafts fall into some pretty niche categories, I realized. My husband doesn’t really wear ties and he doesn’t really fish or hunt. There are a lot of work and hobby related things out there! So I started to think about what kind of Father’s Day craft would fit the interest of most dads and my kids were pretty thrilled with what I came up with!

I feel like most people love PIZZA! Even if dad is lactose intolerant or gluten-free, there’s a pizza for that! (I think vegan pizza and cauliflower crust pizza are fantastic!) Naturally, I decided on a colorful pizza Father’s Day craft that would allow the children the opportunity to show dad many of the reasons why they love him!

My husband is a very caring and helpful dad. He works his tail off at his engineer job during the day but when he comes home, he’s still very much an active part of our lives. He will teach, cook, clean up, play, anything we need him to do. We’re a fantastic team, if I do say so myself, and I absolutely could not do it without him. I know that my kids recognize what a great dad they have so I was excited for them to put it in their own words and tell him!


Father's Day pizza craft

Let us tell you a lot how we made our “Reasons We Love Dad Pizza Slices”! First, you’ll need just a few things that you probably have at your home.

crafts for Father's Day


Construction paper


Glue stick

Crayons or markers



1. Cut out a big brown triangle with slightly rounded edges. This will be the crust, or bottom layer, of a big pizza slice. Remember, it’s going to have a lot of toppings so you need space!

Father's Day craft

2. Cut a shorter, similarly shaped piece out of yellow paper to make cheese that will go on your pizza.

3. Glue your cheese to the crust using the glue stick.

4. Write ‘Happy Father’s Day’ on the pizza crust.

5. Cut out your pizza toppings: pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, tomatoes, broccoli, onions, peppers, anchovies, whatever you like!

6. Write down reasons why you love dad on the pizza toppings. Is he really funny? Does he make delicious food? Put as many as you can!

7. Glue the toppings on top of the pizza cheese.

8. Somewhere on the cheese, write “Reasons I love my dad” or even something punny like “Why dad has a pizza my heart”.

Father's Day craft pizza

Make sure you give Dad a big hug when you give him his pizza! Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful dads out there!

This week’s rainy day movie suggestions are RV and Daddy Day Care. These are great movies to watch with Dad and we think they’re totally hilarious! I’m a huge Robin Williams fan so I might be biased but RV is one of my favorites! What are you favorite dad-themed movies?

Feel free to share your crafts with us on Instagram with the hashtag #CampQuirky2021!


Father's Day craft pizza

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  1. I like the idea! I know that if my kids made this for me they would have funny things to say.

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