Father's Day cupcakes grill

Father’s Day Grill Cupcakes

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and we’ve declared this week’s theme in our virtual summer camp to be Father’s Day week! We’re going to be making Father’s Day cupcakes today! These cupcakes are fairly simple for kids to make, particularly if you use the boxed cake and frostings.

My husband loves cooking on the grill and it really makes for a fun summer for all of us. So, our Father’s Day cupcakes resemble a little grill with kabobs on top!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Boxed cake (and required ingredients to bake it)
Muffin tins
Cupcake liners
Canned frosting
Food coloring
Gummy bears
Melting chocolate



1. Follow the cupcake directions on the box of your cake mix and bake them.

2. Separate your frosting into two bowls and use your food coloring to make one orange and one yellow.


3. While the cupcakes cook, melt the melting chocolate or chocolate chips.

4. Using the melted chocolate, make a circle with lines through it, resembling a grill top, on wax or parchment paper. (For this, I used a condiment bottle that I bought at the dollar store but you can buy a pack of these here.)

5. Place the chocolate grill tops in the refrigerator to allow them to harden.

6. When the cupcakes have cooled, frost them with your orange and yellow frosting, alternating colors. (I love this decorating bags/tips kit I bought, although a plastic zip bag with the edge cut off should work!)

7. Place the hardened grill top on top of your cupcakes.

8. Cut the gummy bears into three pieces each and spear them with a toothpick, alternating the colors. They should look like a kabob!

making fathers day cupcakes

9. Place your tiny kabobs on top of the grill top.

10. Voila, your grill cupcakes are assembled and delicious! Thanks for making cupcakes with us and dads, have a Happy Father’s Day!

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fathers day grill cupcakes

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