Week Two at Camp Quirky: Nature

We want to focus on nature this week at our virtual summer camp! There are so many fantastic crafts and activities that can encourage a love for the earth and we want you to get out there and have fun!


This Week’s Nature Movie

In case it’s raining and you’re stuck inside or you’re ready for a quiet break, we want to suggest Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax! This movie is a perfect one for teaching children to treat nature well because it’s bright, entertaining, and the soundtrack is awesome, if I do say so myself! I sing it all the time. After all, everybody does need a thneed. It’s a fine thing that all people need. Anyway…


A Clean-Up Challenge

While we work on putting together some of our upcoming activities, like Geocaching 101, we want to encourage you with a clean-up challenge! Go on a hike or a brisk nature walk with your children or as a group, but bring a bag with you and maybe some gloves. Keep count of how many items you pick up and see who can collect the most trash. We make it a point to do this on all of our hikes because unfortunately, there is a need for a cleanup crew in so many places! There is so much garbage left behind, it’s terrible. But together, we can make a difference!


Stay tuned!

This week we’ll be talking about gardening, a personal little slice of nature. We will create a few adorable things for use inside of a garden. Hopefully, we can share a few things that we’ve learned and your children will enjoy helping out as much as mine do!

We will be making some creations out of repurposed items becauseĀ recycling is a big part of loving on nature! Some of my favorite crafts have been made out of reused items. Actually, a lot of my garden has been made from recycled junk!

See you soon and be sure to share your clean up challenges with us onĀ Instagram using the hashtag #CampQuirky2021!


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