Read Across America Week: My Spring Poem!

I am absolutely obsessed with Dr. Seuss books. I love them. Sometimes I speak in the little rhymes like in a Dr. Seuss book because it just flows. I have so much fun reading them, I’m not sure any other book could ever interest me more. So in honor of Read Across America Week, I drew a little picture and wrote a little poem about how I’m dying for spring to arrive. Getting around six more inches of snow today, spring has been all that I can talk about!

It says:

I do not know just what to do
This snow surrounds myself and you
Could you build a snowman tall
Or could you pitch a big snowball
Should we make an angel here
Or should we make an angel there
At this point, I just don’t care

I do not want a snowman tall
Or short or fat or big or small
I do not want to throw snowballs
Or squares or triangles or any shape at all
I do not want an angel here
I do not want an angel there
I don’t want snow angels anywhere

Here’s what I want, lend me your ear
I’ll tell you what I want to happen here
I want some sun, I want beach weather
I want to put away my sweaters
I want to feel the breeze through my hair
The ice no longer can I bear

So could you, can you, will you bring
The cool, the calm, delightful spring
With the flowers, will sprout my smile
And you will see it grow a mile!

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