My High Maintenance Baby and Other Goings On

My littlest baby is approaching five months old and she’s not a big fan of being put down, at all. She’s what I like to call a “high maintenance baby”. She will accept Daddy or her siblings for a bit but for the most part, she wants Mommy and insists that things are how she wants them! She would also prefer that Mommy does not move or speak when she’s trying to nap. This has made a lot of things quite complicated! While we work on and wait for this phase to pass, bear with me! It’s been difficult to do my usual crafting and coming up with fun things to share. If my husband didn’t cook, I would probably be doing the same “How to Sit on the Couch and Nurse a Baby” post over and over again in between reviews!

high maintenance baby

As I said here and here the last time I had my last baby (HAHA!), I must savor these last firsts and baby moments and I will. I’m eager to get back to being more active, both on my blog and in life! My roller blades are sitting by the front door waiting to be worn out!

I’m proud to announce that my little sister is expecting her first baby, my niece, sometime this summer! This is especially exciting as she’s my first one! I’ll be throwing her a surprise baby shower so I am going crazy with ideas! The goal is to make this the most special party ever as my sister has been through a lot and she needs a lot of support and encouragement as she goes on this journey to motherhood. I hope to share more of my ideas as I get further into the planning process. Also, because I think she’s adorable, my glowing little sister when we visited Sahara Sam’s recently (that post is coming soon!):


As I mentioned in a recent post, I’m also planning my vow renewal ceremony with my husband. Our date is set, we have the beach permit for our ceremony, and a deposit made at the reception location on the water. Since I’m planning to make a lot of the things myself, this one involves a lot of work also! I’ll be making the invitations soon, hoping to utilize my Cricut, which is possibly the coolest crafting item I’ve ever had.

Not long ago, there was a message at church about using your skills to help serve God and I realized that tech is where my skills are. I know social media, I can do writing and reach people this way. I had an idea and reached out to our Pastor. I discovered that they were already forming a group for our children’s ministry to be active online and they could use my help.

Running on little sleep and trying to keep up with this party planning and online work is rough but so exciting! Lots of great things ahead, stay tuned so I can share the fun with you!

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