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DIY Cars for a Homemade Drive-In Movie

*Coverage of the Camp Warner Bros campaign done in partnership with WB. We received this movie free of charge in exchange for sharing details about this virtual summer camp. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

How many times have your children whined “I’m bored” at you? Are you at a loss because you aren’t sure what else you can possibly do to entertain these kids?! We have the perfect activity for you and it requires next to NOTHING in materials. We’re going to make our own drive-in movie theater with DIY cars! Out of all of the activities we’ve done recently, this was one of the kids’ favorites and certainly the cheapest. It was also the most time consuming, which is great when you’re trying to keep everyone occupied!

The main thing required for this activity is a box. You also may want a printer, scissors, tape, glue, paper, crayons, and/or paint. Making DIY cars is one of those projects where you can do as much or as little as you please. The front flap on a box makes for a perfect windshield. We used printer paper and crayons to create all kinds of fun details BUT you can easily just print out these directions and specific car accessories! It depends on what your kids are up for. Mine wanted to make everything from scratch, so that’s what we did!

Each one of the kids, including my 12 year old, made a different kind of car. My son has a minivan “like Mommy”. My middle daughter made a camper, using a flap as her roof and packing inserts as pillows as blankets. The baby made a convertible and I was impressed that she knew where all of the car parts went, all on her own.

I absolutely love the creativity that a craft like this inspires in the kids. I just watched them swarm around me in a flurry for a couple of hours, just making all kinds of little specific details. “Mine needs to be taller!” “I’m going to wear mine!” It’s such a great activity they can do on their own. For more ways to make your movie theater fun, take a look at the home movie theater we created earlier in the year!

Now it’s time to settle in at your drive-in movie theater but what should we watch? Well, this week we are featuring Tom & Jerry Movie: The Fast & The Furry. Tom & Jerry have been around seemingly since the dawn of time and never fail to entertain. Their antics and crazy cat and mouse game have kept kids laughing for ages and this movie is no exception.

The kids chomped on their popcorn in their cars, debating over who was going to win. (My kids must not be aware that Tom never wins! Poor Tom! My kids say it must be because Jerry is smarter.) New media created from classics are my favorite things to watch with my kids because for once, I know more than they do about it! Grab a seat next to your kiddos and watch, Tom & Jerry Movie: The Fast & The Furry is now available to own on Digital, Blu-ray™ & DVD!


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  1. this is such a fun idea. fun for the kids preparing for movie night and even more fun having the movie night.

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