Activities for Kids at Home

The nation is beginning to open back up from quarantine lockdown. Some states are opening right now while others will be gradually opening within the coming months. I think that people are divided in their feelings about all of this but I’m sure that many are still planning on social distancing. My kids manage to pick up every illness under the sun when we gather with big groups so I feel that it is safest for us and for others if my family continues to keep our distance for now.

This means that I want to continue to find fun activities for our family to do at home. In doing so, I want to share with you some of the awesome things we’ve been enjoying and hopefully in turn, you will share your favorites with us in the comments below!

1. Board games

We were always huge fans of doing family fun night with board games but we’ve really started playing them a lot more and introduced a bunch of new ones to our lineup as well. We actually shared our favorite games, old and new, on the blog recently.

board games

2. Scavenger hunt

Whether it’s around the inside of the house or outdoors, scavenger hunts are a fun way to spruce up any location. They complain that they’ve been in the backyard a thousand times but if you add a challenge in there, suddenly it’s a game and everything is a new discovery.

3. Journals

When I was a kid, I loved journaling. I saw some awesome journals being shared on Facebook but I wanted one a little more toddler/preschooler-focused so I made one! Download “SafeAtHome Journal”

I’m planning to work on one for the older kids too. I think theirs could be much more involved.

safe at home journal

4. Chalk art

I have seen chalk activities online in a million different ways! I had a lot of duct tape I wanted to de-clutter so I placed lines of duct tape outside our front door in no particular pattern. Going in all different directions and making the spaces a variety of sizes, all kinds of shapes were made. Then, the kids color inside each of the sections. The reveal was pretty magnificent! They were all so excited!

activities chalk art

5. Baking

I think that children of all ages can handle some level of baking, be it dumping in some flour or working on an entire dessert. Our favorite starter baking project, after they ace the boxed items, is the easy 3-ingredient peanut butter cookie. We’d love to hear about your favorite easy recipes!

activities baking

6. Cooking

This one is a benefit on both sides! Kids need to learn how to do the basics, they often LOVE it and it helps you out! My kids can handle pasta seamlessly and recently, I’ve been working with them on slow cooker meals. Even my six year old loves helping throw together a meal in the slow cooker! The last time, I made up little menus for him and let him take orders from his siblings like he was a waiter, chef, and restaurant owner all in one. He was so happy and proud of himself, plus everyone loved playing along!

7. Virtual tours/zoo

There are so many awesome online attractions right now! We ogled adorable gorillas and penguins on a slow day after school work and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Here are a few great lists from Good Housekeeping, CNN, and People.

8. Special days

The school always did fun things like crazy hair day or superhero day. While they sometimes drove me crazy (“OMG Mommy, I don’t have anything red to wear!”), the kids love them and it’s a great way to keep up a routine!

9. Home movie theatre

Our drive-in opened back up and we thought about taking the kids to see Trolls World Tour but we decided to try to create our own little movie theatre at home…so we charged them an arm and a leg for concessions! No, I’m kidding! They got tickets and were able to choose their own snacks from the concession stand. We got a few Trolls-themed snacks, among other treats. I created a popcorn stand out of a box and cling wrap. They were so excited and I think it’ll be a memory they’ll have forever! We definitely plan to do more of these special nights, maybe even outside with our projector once the weather stays warm.

home movie theatre

10. Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley was my little sister’s favorite ever school project as a kid and I still love the idea. My oldest daughter’s class did something similar a few years ago where they had a stuffed dog with a journal that would get to go home with kids and document their travels. I think it would be so cool for kids to keep up with their friends and classmates by sending a mascot around to photograph and share what you’ve been up to.

11. Handprint/footprint projects

This whole pandemic is history worth documenting and I love using handprints and footprints to do that. My favorite so far has been a footprint that said: “This little piggy stayed home.”

12. Music lessons

We mentioned at-home music lessons in our post about our daughter’s new keyboard.

activities music

13. Lego challenges

We’ve seen Lego Masters and I think it sounds like a great concept to let the kids try to come up with special things using their Lego collection. (Can I take this moment to mention the fact that I had no idea Lego was always meant to be a singular word, even in plural form? Am I the only person who didn’t know that?)

14. Frozen fruit and yogurt bars

A few years ago, I put up a simple little recipe for making your own frozen fruit bars. It’s a healthier snacking option and it’s so easy that the kids can enjoy making them on their own. All you need is fruit, yogurt, and a popsicle mold is optional but definitely easier.

activities fruit bars

15. DIY play doughs

Play doughs are awesome but my favorite so far is this edible play dough that we all just have to try!


That’s just the beginning of so many cool things you can do from the comfort of your home! What has been your favorite thing to do with the kids?


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