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Meal Delivery Kits Review Recap

We love subscription boxes. We’ve received them for the kids, dogs, and even for decorating. Who wouldn’t love getting little presents on a regular basis? Meal delivery kits are one of my favorite kind of subscription boxes for a variety of reasons. I like treating ourselves to new meal, especially if we’ll be able to adapt the recipe into our own family meal rotation. Since I wanted to play around with meal delivery kits, I decided that it would be great if I could write little reviews for you guys to give you a bit more insight on which options might be best for you. Hopefully, our experiences will help you!

First thing’s first, let’s talk about cost. No matter what you’re looking for in a meal delivery kit, I think it’s always worth it to look for lower cost options. That’s why I turn to Groupon and other discount websites before I place any order. Don’t pay full price if you don’t have to! If you do pay full price, most of the services will offer free or discount codes for you to share with your friends and family after a box or two! The approximate pricing I listed below is for two-person plans unless otherwise indicated, as that’s what my husband and I order for our fun date night meals for ourselves. Prices per serving tend to decrease if you order for more people or more meals per week.



EveryPlate – $4.99/serving: We have ordered EveryPlate the most out of any of the meal delivery boxes. The most appealing thing about EveryPlate is the cost. I think they are the cheapest option (pre-discount codes) of any of the other services we’ve covered. If your budget is low, this is absolutely the right kit for you. The food is decent although I don’t feel that there is a huge selection. The meats taste great and we’ve added some of their recipes seamlessly into our weekly rotation. I was disappointed to discover that they really don’t have any low calorie options, however.

View our EveryPlate unboxing here.



Home Chef – $6.99/serving: Home Chef is my personal favorite! They send you a really nice recipe binder for the recipes and the ingredients are separated by recipe. I loved the selection, thought just about every meal was perfect, and most importantly, I loved that you could substitute different foods in many of the meals on the menu! For instance, if the dish is chicken but you’d rather have pork, you can do that. If you’d rather substitute something fancy, like a filet mignon, you may pay extra but I love that the choice is there. You can add smoothies and other fun things at an additional cost.

View our Home Chef unboxing here.


blue apron

Blue Apron – $9.99/serving: I wasn’t impressed by the menu selection for Blue Apron but I was grateful for the Weight Watchers options. Blue Apron is very expensive but you can add wine subscription and I think there are many people who would appreciate that cool add-on! One thing I do love is that the recipes appear a month in advance so you can really plan ahead!

View our Blue Apron unboxing here.


hello fresh

Hello Fresh – $8.99/serving: All of the ingredients from Hello Fresh are packaged together by meal in paper bags. The food was fairly decent and the menus are interesting. They offer a pretty unique selection and I don’t see too many recipe repeats in a short time span.

View our Hello Fresh unboxing here.


green chef

Green Chef – $11.99/serving: I think that unfortunately, Green Chef may have been my least favorite. The food was okay and had a unique menu. Each meal is organized together in paper bags just like Hello Fresh because they are part of the same company. I really didn’t like that I have to cancel my subscription via phone rather than online. You can skip meals with every service I’ve tried but I sometimes prefer to cancel in case I forget to come back and skip meals until I’m ready to try again. This means that I’m cancelling more often than skipping and having to call is more inconvenient.

Our Green Chef unboxing video is coming soon to our IGTV.



Gobble – $11.99/serving: Gobble is my husband’s absolute favorite and my second favorite. He likes the way the meals are packaged together with the recipe clearly visible on the front so he knows exactly what he’s about to make, not just the name of it. He also feels that out of all of the kits we’ve sampled, Gobble is the easiest with the quickest meals. I do feel that the menu selection is very small but at least there are low calorie options and the food has been great. I also love the treats you can add on. The pricing is very moderate.

Our Gobble unboxing video is coming soon to our IGTV.


There are a few kits that we haven’t yet sampled but I wanted to mention them for the sake of inclusion in your options:

Sun Basket ($10.99/serving) is on the way for us! Sun Basket has a pretty fantastic looking menu of items I’ve never seen but it seems like there are so many more quick options, which we LOVE! There are so many different things you can add-on that I haven’t seen in other kits, like granola and snacks!

Dinnerly ($4.99/serving) is the cheapest option I know of and their recipes are virtual rather than mailed on cards. We plan to try Dinnerly out in the future but I’ve heard really subpar reviews, especially right now when everyone has turned to meal kits as part of social distancing.

Purple Carrot ($11.99/serving) is a pricey kit for vegans and I won’t be sampling this one because the menus just don’t appeal to me. I couldn’t convince my husband to eat vegan even if he were starving to death (haha!) so Purple Carrot is one you’ll have to try and let us know what you think!

Real Eats ($15.00/serving) and Freshly ($11.50/serving) are pre-cooked meals and sold by the individual serving so we just simply can’t justify that price and unless I find a great code, I don’t think I’ll be able to give that one a go. Single people who are working hard and don’t want to waste a bunch of time on cooking, I think Real Eats and Freshly might be an awesome one for you!

Martha & Marley Spoon ($8.99/serving) looks like it has quite a beautiful menu but I can’t afford the calories that their meals tend to have so I’ll have to wait on testing that one! I can’t imagine Martha Stewart’s meal delivery kits would be anything but delicious but I can’t speak from personal experience quite yet!

There you have it, all of our meal delivery kit experiences to date! Perfect for new recipes, quick dinners, date nights, and just generally treating yourselves!

Which ones have you tried and what are your thoughts? Are there any you’d like to try?

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